Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sex in My City

Yes, I saw it on opening day. Yes, I loved it. I loved it because it was 2.5 simple hours of re-visiting the girls, and fulfilling the dream of every fan of any show that's ever gone off the air. Where are they now? What are they doing? Has their life moved on, or are they still wandering around NYC without finding the thing that fulfills them?

Would the movie have been able to stand on its own were there not hundred of thousands (dare I say millions) of fans who are already invested in the 10 years of the evolution of these women's lives? Probably not, but its target audience is the aforementioned. This movie is a luscious escape at its best, still full of great one-liners from the crude to the cerebral.

Yes, it has a certain cheese factor. Yes, there were parts that were extremely silly. Yes, the clothes and hotels and apartments are not attainable or practical for the vast majority of the population. Did that make me enjoy it any less? Absolutely not! Without spoiling anything, here are some of my thoughts:

I love where they took Carrie and Big because he, for once, was not the bad guy. I love that the focus was back on the four-some and there were no superfluous Jennifer Hudson characters to be a horrible time suck.

Miranda and Charlotte have a frank conversation about motherhood, which just shows how in-tune with their audience the writers are. They know that a lot of the people who've followed this show forever are most likely moms by now, and they didn't try to paint the picture perfect Park Avenue Princess mother; her guilt-laden emotions certainly resonated with me and, from the sighs and grunts of agreement, with most of the women around me.

I know that several reviewers have been pretty hard on the movie, but I liked this review of the reviewers. What's wrong with a little fluff? It's not as if the whole movie is fluff. There were certainly the trademark scenes where relationship issues are openly discusses and the tough issues are hit head-on.

I felt like the first scenes of both movies felt a little bit stiff, but it's hard because they're not in those roles week after week so they aren't as second-nature to them. I would obviously love to see the show come back, even if it was just a special summer season, but I know that won't happen.

For the time being, I'm more than happy to plunk down my $12 and re-visit the dream-world of fashion and feistiness to which I'll forever be indebted for getting me through a short stint of bed-rest when I was pregnant with H. Between SATC, The Sopranos and Gilmore Girls, three shows I'd never before seen but whose boxed sets were available, I breezed through what would have been a very long and boring 12 days.

And, yes, I'll be purchasing this installment as soon as it's available; with all the special features I can handle.


The Caffeinated Mommy said...

Can't WAIT to see this movie...thanks for the review!

Crafty Mama said...

Saw it last night with one of my besties and LOVED IT!! Yeah, you're right, it was a bit cheezy but it was time with your four favorite girlfriends. And I really thought the frank Mom talk was great, because it's real life! I too will be purchasing it when it comes out to DVD. :)