Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hit the Road Jack

So, now that I've told everyone, paid the money, and am officially registered for my very first full marathon. I guess it's time to start putting in the work. J surprised me with the Garmin Forerunner 405 from my wishlist and  stocking of herbal tea samplers, gum and other non-candy items to show that he's fully in support of my goals. This watch is amazing, and I'm so excited to start using it. Luckily I have a 6 mile run planned for this morning, so I'll get to really see what it can push me to do. I've never run with a watch at all, since I was always with a group where my buddy was timing me. I have a vague idea of my pace right now, but it will be interesting, and perhaps even a little bit of tough love to see at what point I'm really starting from.

It was a wonderful Christmas, capped off with boys who were so excited about the gifts they got each other and J got a great new camera (his first!) so he can take pictures when he's at his trainings in January and May and I still have a camera to document Casa de HP.

In addition to my 'magic pants', I also got a pair of YakTrax which are proving to be awesome. I went on a snowy, icy run the other day and was completely confident in them.

It's not just been all about training, though, I'm still getting my knit on with a hat for Baby A, and a new sock pattern (Monkey Socks by Cookie A) that looked oh-so-complicated a year ago when I first contemplated it, but is just flying off the needles now. The hat just needs seaming, and I'm getting ready to turn the heel on the first sock. 

Using a twisted rib for the sock band

With the skein of yarn inside so you can see the pattern. I love the texture of these.

But now, as the notepad on my fridge says 'So many things to get done, but first I'll run'. The sky is darkening and I can't miss my window of time before J has to head to work. Hit the road, toad!


Portlandia said...

Love the sox! And the garmin - it's my first time running with a watch, too! I want to Boston Qualify before I leave my age group, so decided to take the plunge :) I'll be training with you, from across the way, at crazy random work-around-work-and-kids times!! Enjoy the freedom & strength of a solo run, knowing we're all running with you in spirit!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, good job J on the Garmin stocking stuffer! I love my Garmin. It's a great personal trainer. Have fun with it and happy running!