Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's Been a Chard Day's Night

Last night I used chard for the first time. I never really thought to use it until I'd seen my friend's fritata post on Late Nite Kitchen where she used rainbow chard. I'm definitely an aesthetic person, so seeing the bright red stems against the deep green of the leaves in the produce department this week was all the further convincing I needed.

Back in the swing of the Game On challenge, I'm always surprised to be reminded of how much I love simple foods. We had salmon that I broiled after I'd brushed it lightly with a little bit of Olive Oil, WW Viognier and some garlic. On the side was a little brown rice and the chard, which I wilted in a saucepan with some spinach, garlic, sliced mushrooms and garlic.

I was so pleasantly surprised. I've been going through about two of the large bins of spinach each month because it's just an easy way to get in some veggies, but I vastly preferred both the texture and peppery taste of chard over the spinach. It went really well with the mild, buttery flavor of the salmon and the rice. Next up, I'll be trying out her chard and hazelnut lasagna (but I'll use the walnuts called for, since I've never been a big hazelnut fan).

On Cyber Monday, I started off the holiday shopping season and even got a couple things for myself. After a break from cloth diapers, we've decided to go back to them and I was so excited that BumGenius just came out with a fourth edition that is sized larger and has snaps! Believe me, I know just how lame it makes me that this was my coup of the day. One better, was that I got a Toddler Hawk mei tei at a huge discount. Fabric makes me happy. Both were purchased from mom-owned businesses; Nicki's Diapers and Frogmama.

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