Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Good Common Horse Sense

The boys have thus far not shown a ton of interest in organized sports. They like them, but haven't found one that they love yet. They both like to do a lot outdoors, but they're not the next Beckham or Brady, and the amount of time and energy spent racing them around to practices and games for something they don't truly enjoy is simply not worth the stress, so the search for a fun activity continues.

H has expressed a ton of interest in horseback riding, but finding a stable that provides lesson horses in an area with a lot of ranches and farms has been challenging as most people have their own horses when it comes time to learn.

I felt like I won the lottery when I found a woman who not only gives great lessons, but prefers to use her own horse. And what a beauty he is. Tall, strong, gentle and a mere twenty-two years old, O will ease my kids into the horsey world with style.

Last night was their first lesson and they both had a great time. At 17.3 hands high, I was worried that Charlie wouldn't want to get on, but he actually did really awesome, following the teacher's commands, learning great posture and how to keep his seat. H was a little bit more reluctant to keep his hands off the horn, but the teacher is adamant about learning how to sit properly and not handicap yourself by relying on the reins or saddle, so it's a great combination of calm reassurance and strict insistence on good form.

I'm looking forward to seeing how they improve and also for the respect and discipline that comes from interacting with an animal (especially one so large in comparison to yourself.) And, of course, the biology lessons that come from being around farm animals are awesome. Why yes, children, horses' penises do get really long when you're brushing them down after unsaddling and they finally relax. And so it begins...

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