Thursday, May 29, 2008

Life's a Beach

Can you guess where I'm going? I'm packing my bag for my little daytrip tomorrow, and here's what I'm taking; giant tote bag with ample handles, water bottle, gum, cell phone, large towel, something sweet and something salty.

The beach, you say?

Well, one might think so, but this is actually the bag that a person who is in their forty-second week of pregnancy would take with them to the movie premier that they've been dying to see, but would prefer not to slink out of a wet seat due to the fact that their little one finally decided to make their own debut.

That's right folks, little Baby C appears to have decided to hold off long enough to ensure that his mama gets to see the Sex and the City move in theatres on the day it premieres. Did Mother's Day come twice to the HP house this year?! Now that he's dangled this carrot and allowed me to get my hopes up, we'll just hope that he stays put for the next 20 hours or so.

Yesterday, J and I were driving home from my friend Alex's house as she had generously offered to take H for me for the afternoon; this offer came after I was a complete hag to H in the lobby of the Y for no apparent reason as we were eating lunch the day before. Hmmm...was my behavior indicative that I might need some alone time? She politely said that it had been her greatest desire while pregnant with her YS that someone would take her OS so she could nap. I think that it roughly translated to when I tell H that he needs to go take a nap and quit whining because "nobody likes to be around you when you act like this." It was much appreciated.

Anyway, the conversation went something like this:

J: I know what you would choose if you were given the choice between C being born right now and watching the Sex and the City movie right now.
Me: Nodding and turning to him to say, while feeling a little blush rise to my face; The movie...
J: (Unfortunately not before my answer, but at the same time) C being born...

Ohhh...well, here's the thing; I know that C will eventually be born, but if we're talking right now then the movie would win. Honestly, who knows when I'll really have the chance to watch it with a newborn?! Plus, the right now he was referring to was prior to the release date, so I'd know all the secrets before anyone else!

Does that make me a terrible person?

Probably. Oh Well, there are worse things to be. Samantha would still like me.

Writer's Note: I hope that people understand that I am just being sarcastic, and the birth of my child could not be eclipsed by any social event. *

*Except, perhaps, seeing the Sex and the City movie on the day it premieres as I know that all my friends will not be able to keep their traps shut and would ruin all the surprises.

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Susan Lindgren said...

Hey I know ya can't watch a Sex and the City commercial with a newborn Last hurrah for mommy