Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother, May I?

One thing that I noticed as a constant while discussing ideal Mother's Day plans with other moms is that most of us have a desire to spend at least a portion of that day without those people who have made us mothers; namely our husbands and children. While it may be ironic, it sure is nice to have some time to yourself without a little guy grabbing at your pant legs.

Yesterday my mom called just to let me know something that she appreciated about me, telling me that she loves being my, and my sisters', mom. What?! It was such a nice gesture that, of course, I had to pick a fight about something inconsequential about half-way through the other part of our conversation which had nothing to do with either she or I, but about one of my sisters, because we are always in each others' business.

In seconds we were back on a more neutral topic and all was well, but it just made me laugh after I hung up; not because it was funny, but because why did I have to spoil it? My poor mom always claimed that we would grow up to write a book called The Witch and Mr. Wonderful because she was convinced that we like our dad better than we like her. Turns out, we like them both quite a lot, but when you're going through the crazy hormonal teen years, the parent who sits quietly in the corner and observes, or merely shakes his head in disbelief usually wins out in the popularity department over the parent who matches us in emotional intensity.

Now, however, I hope she feels secure in the love that we all feel for her, because it's certainly there. No matter how much we tease and make fun (aka calling her Crazy Nancy because she's on Zoloft, which, ironically makes her notCrazy Nancy) we know that we couldn't have chosen a better and more loyal mom.

I hope my kids will know how lucky they are to have her as their Granny (as long as she takes her Zoloft, because Granny sans the ability to let the kids make a mess in the craft box, or make a wonky teddy bear without wanting to fix it for them would not be as much fun for anyone, including Granny.)

Random: I found boxes of MINIATURE CHARLESTON CHEWS at Walgreens while I was picking up my photos...I hadn't had Charleston Chews since I was in about 5th grade at the Cove Swimming Pool. Of course I snatched up a box and shared the love with H...just doing my part to spread the word of the nougatty goodness.

Oh yeah, and I'm still pregnant. Each night, I sadly do my own version of Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep asking that I awaken to racking pain and fluids a'gushing. I'm pretty sure that I jinxed myself by actually packing a hospital bag, but I knew that I had to have H packed for the sitter and couldn't stop I'll never have to use it.

Here's to at least 10 more days of pregnancy until I officially become C's Mom.

Happy Mother's Day! Oh, and Congratulations to Alex for officially completing her first tri-athlon. What an accomplishment!

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