Saturday, May 17, 2008

Up and At 'Em!

I'm helping out at the yardsale for my mom's group this morning, and was very excited to drop off my cast-aways yesterday. It's the first time in a long time that I'm waking up and have to immediately start getting ready. It feels kind of funny since I usually have at least an hour to wake up with H before I put him in his room while I shower and get ready. It is truly one of the things that I appreciate about not working right now, because mornings are pretty sacred to me.

The loft area in our apartment easily became a crap catcher over the year we've lived here, so it was nice to go through all of our storage bins, and see what we moved but didn't need to, or saved from H for the next baby, but don't want anymore, or have accumulated in the short time we've been here.

I was surprised to find that there were easily three of the big Rubbermaid tubs worth of stuff that we (read: I) packed lovingly away when H was done with them, unable to imagine a time that they wouldn't be irrevocably linked to that chubby baby and his time with them, but when it comes time to decide between the life that was his baby-hood and actually having room for the next baby, it was easy to become a little more judicious.

I now know how my family of six grew up in a 900 sq.ft house with only one bathroom; my mom had a massive yardsale every summer, and made us really think about the things that were important to us. Now, before you go thinking I am great at purging, it was not until our cross-country move that I went through the large box, yes large, of notes and letters between me and my high-school friends. Seriously, who wants to keep that kind of ammunition around for their kids?!

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