Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Heart 3rd Position

Get yo' mind out of the gutters! I'm talking about spin class. Today, I went for the second time this week, and I had forgotten how much time it really takes for your hinder to get used to the teeny tiny seats that are made for people who have the actual physique to bike (my sister's ex-husband who is about 5 feet tall and 90 pounds is a great example).

I still have to dig out my spinning shoes and heart monitor from the closet o' doom, but I've been resisting getting the padded shortst that everyone who's anyone wears. Today, as I sighed with relief each time we rose out of the saddle to 3rd position, I realized that I need to be more pragmatic in that decision.

My real reason for not getting them is that my legs are currently such that it may look similar to a sausage that has spilled out of its casing if I were to wear spandex shorts. I wear full or capris length running tights to the gym, and that's fine because they're boot cut and go to at least mid-calf.

However, this morning as I stood and got some tingling as sensation returned to the area I decided that it would be better to be known as the Jimmy Dean Cycler than to never have feeling in my 'region' again. I know what I'll be buying on amazon today.

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Maggie said...

Yeah, spinning! If you keep going long enough without the padded shorts, you're bum will get used to it. I, too, don't like the sausage effect and tend to wear knee length or calf length unpadded pants.