Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Looks Like We Made It

Two days ago, J and I celebrated our sixth anniversary. The night before, he got home just before our dinner guests came over, and helped get C and H into their night-time gear while I put the salad together.

Remembering that he was a lame-wad for Valentine's Day, he told me that he'd debated stopping for flowers on the way home, but knew he was already running late. I assured him that I didn't need flowers, as we had plans for a date night and that was enough for me (read: I don't want grocery store carnations)...plus, I didn't plan to get him anything, so it left me off the hook.

The next night he came home with a single rose, explaining that I'd told him I didn't want flowersss, so he got me a flower. Ah, so sweet. Accompanied by a cheese-tastic card of the sort that always remind me of what my dad gave my mom, it was all together a very nice sentiment; I was appropriately appreciative. And I wonder why he doesn't make more romantic gestures....

Baby-sitter settled, we went for dinner at Sole Proprietor in Worcester and I had the best scallops I've ever tasted; maple-glazed and served over steamed broccoli and a bed of mashed sweet potatoes. The perfect texture, melting and smooth, much like sashimi as it made it's way to my happy belly. Contrary to what some say, sashimi has a velvety texture and is not at all slimy...if it is, you may want to make your way to the nearest ED.
Along with my scallops, I had a glass of Bangin Red Meritage...I'd not ever had a meritage, and let me just say that it is my new best friend. I was so satisfied with my dinner that I passed on dessert. For those that don't know me, this is akin to a nympho passing on sex, as we are a family known for partaking of our sweet treats. I didn't even have a coffee!

We had planned to spend some time in a book store or something after dinner, but then remembered as we pulled into the first parking lot that it was almost 9 on a Sunday, so headed home to watch Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (I love Michael Cera movies). We had to pause it about 5 times when C decided that he's not going to have long stretches of sleep anymore, or fall asleep by himself. Heading to bed with the sad realization that a restlessly sleeping baby and the possibility of a pre-schooler joining you at any moment kind of negates the re-enactment of the wedding night, so there you have it.

Sarcasm aside, I often marvel at the fact that J chose to spend his life with me. He's pretty amazing; wicked smaaht, funny, and the perfect laid-back balance to my uber-anxious and controlling self. I can honestly say that I am happy with him and our relationship every day. Well, as Charlotte said "Not all day every day. But, every day."

Happy Anniversary! Oh, and for our tenth anniversary, I don't want a diamond. (translation: I want diamonds)

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The Jacobson/Knutsen Family Blogs said...

Happy anniversary S. :) Tenth anniversaries deserve diamonds, at least that what I keep telling my hubby (our 10th is 3/4/10).

Enjoy reading your blog - and love reading your book list. Kay Scarpetta books were really good - I read them a few years back. Kind of reminds me of the TV show "Bones" to some extent.