Saturday, March 7, 2009

Woman of the Cloth-The Redux

yesterday, I anxiously awaited the buzz of my doorbell. My favorite man in brown had a special delivery for me, and I was ex-ci-ted. It is probable (note, I don't say is) a sign that my life is what some could call a little dull, as the object of my ardour was...drumroll please; my shipment of bumGenius 3.0 diapers!

The ritual of unwrapping each diaper and it's accompanying microfiber inserts, un-snapping the sizing snaps and fastening the velcro onto the laundry tabs while placing them into their neat and respective piles before lovingly carrying them to the front-loader for their innaugural wash was about the same level of zen I feel when I'm in the rhythm of knitting socks or something.

Then, later that night, as I sat and talked with J while snapping the insert to size, snapping the diaper to the right setting, folding and arranging them in happy little rows in the cabinet. To someone who doesn't get that warm feeling in their belly when they see the splashes of color in a quilting or yarn store, I won't be able to describe it to you, but there is just something so nice about color. I am officially a cloth diaper convert.

The winter is winding down (I hope) and it's almost 60 degrees as I sit here just before 11am. I'm taking H and C on a Maple Sugar sampling tour today while J toils away at the hospital, and I just can't wait to get out in the warm sunshine and get some fresh air...

On that note:

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