Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Squeaking By

This morning, I woke up to a familiar sound. No, it wasn't the glugging of the coffee-maker or even of sleeping children. It was to the high-pitched squeal of the shower as J got ready to leave for lecture. Seriously, you turn it a fraction to the left or right and the squeal will stop...then you can put it right back to your perfect water temp.

I flounced into the bathroom and unceremoniously tore back the shower curtain sans contacts or glasses and blearily reached for the faucet amidst J's protests. "No. Really. Let me get that for you!" The squealing stopped instantly, but it was too late...Good morning, boys!

J apologized sheepishly as he came out to put on his socks and shoes and found me ensconsed in children, and I put on my best early morning smile "Oh no, darling. Please. I love being able to see you off in the morning, so I'm so glad you didn't just let me and the kids sleep through your departure! Mwah!"

Yep, I'm still just as snarky when I'm tired as I was when I was 16.
PHOTO Credits: Found on Trisha Novotny's blog.

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Crafty Mama said...

Snark away!!! I would be too.