Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Goose is Getting Fat

I have found that one benefit of being an at-home mom is that I have, for the first time, completed my Christmas shopping well ahead of time. Not only have I completed shopping, but all of my gifts, save for one, are completed and in the hands of the trusty postal system on the way to friends and family.

I am definitely a procrastinator by nature, so I have been getting an almost giddy high when talking to others about the steps that I have taken toward completion of my goal to have all things Christmas in the mail and to their respective owners by no later than the 20th of December.

In college, I spent the night before every paper's due date desperately researching and typing, praying that there wouldn't be some glitch with the printer at the computer lab as I ran, ink drying, to my class. This is so completely foreign to me, that I'm sure people feel like I'm being smug when I talk about how much I've completed, when it's really that I am stunned.

The crazy crafting came along quite nicely, although some projects were virgin to me, and we'll see how the recipients feel about them. I like to bite off way more than...well, let's just say that the pouch of Big League Chew never lasted long for me, so I am very excited that I've stuck so well to my timelines while still attending fun events such as "The Polar Bear Journey" with my child.

On that note, The Ecotarium in Worcester is one of those New England Anomolies. They have a couple of bald eagles and owls as you're walking to the entrance, and then they have a full-on standing up kodiak bear stuffed in the entrance. In the back of the property, which we travelled to by train today (after having The Polar Express read to us), is, yes, a polar bear.

And I thought I had a hard time adjusting to the heat and humidity here*...they said that she "swims a lot" to keep cool in the summer...uhhhh...I don't think that a POLAR bear is cool, no matter how much they swim, in 90+ weather with 400% humidity, but you can keep tellin' the kiddies whatever you want! It's the same for any zoo, so I'm not saying that I object, it's just funny.

Overall, it was a great day, forgive the biting sarcasm, which was completed with hot cocoa and cookies inside. H was thrilled all day with that train ride, and said late into the evening...chug a chug a chug a All Aboard!

*It was reported to us that this polar bear was born at the Ecotarium, so is adapted to Massachusetts weather, but how much can they really evolve in one generation?

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