Monday, December 24, 2007


I just wanted to do a quick plug for my friend Karlee Fuchs and her great fabric bags. Not only are they maticulously hand-crafted from great fabric, they are very reasonably priced, and she gets them to you in no time flat. All of her products are made with durability in mind, which means they are washer/dryer safe...a huge bonus for us moms who carry sippy cups whose seal is not always fool-proof and other unsavory items on a daily basis.

Karlee has a goal other than financial freedom in making her bags and other fabric crafts. She'd like to raise awareness for Pallister Killian Syndrome (PKS), which is a rare disorder with which her daughter has been diagnosed. Claire loves to draw and is quite the arteest, so Karlee and Claire are pairing up to create a fun line of fabric crafts based on her drawings. A portion of the profits from that line will go to PKS-related causes.

The photo above is of the kit that she sells for her Fancy Drawstring Bag. It comes complete with the pattern and even the thread for only $15.00. Karlee's no fool...she knows that you can either give a man a fish, or teach him to it for himself! For those of you who would prefer the hand-out, she sells the completed version too, of course ;)
Her name is hyper-linked above, and she maintains a store on both Ebay and Etsy, under Karlee Fuchs. She is very open to custom orders and has great customer service. Her studio is both pet and smoke-free.

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