Wednesday, December 26, 2007

"Home" for the Holidays

Well, it's official; I've now spent my first holiday season away from my family and friends. I've always been the kind of person that can throw myself into enough things that when I talk to everyone, it sounds like I'm really busy, and there are just no problems adjusting to whatever new life change has come my way. Truth? I'm homesick! I think I called my parents' house at least four times yesterday, just to check up on the progress of the gift-opening, dinner preparation, and general mayhem.

That in mind, I looked at the calendar and realized that I've already been here six months...maybe there's something to that whole must keep busy mantra. Being pregnant has certainly made the time go more quickly, although I say that having Henry has made this pregnancy go more quickly, so whatever it is, time is going quickly. We get to find out the sex of the baby on Monday, and I can't believe that I'm already almost half-way there!

H and I seem to be getting into a groove together; having little craft projects on most days has seemed to break things up enough, and the quiet time is not such a stuggle. The overalls with double shirts has also made life great, as there has not been a single diaper off incident since.

The un-home for the holidays went far more smoothly than I thought it would. J had the two days before Christmas off, and then didn't have to go into work until 1:00 on Christmas Day.

A friend of mine whisked H and I away to her home in the later afternoon, where I enjoyed a dinner of cheese and meat fondue, followed by a to die for yule log by Harry and David...YUM! Of course I came in sweatpants because my two pairs of maternity jeans that fit were in the laundry, and, who wants to do laundry on Christmas? Not Me! Luckily, she didn't mind.

J gave me the sewing machine that I've been eyeing and my sister-in-law gave me two quilting books from my wishlist...coupled with the boxed set of the Jason Bourne movies from H (who doesn't love Matt Damon?), I'd say the holidays were a total hit, and I did feel surprisingly "at home".

I know this post is all over the place, but that's kind of how I feel lately. I've made a couple of friends here, who have kids H's age (lifesaver!). So, even though I miss my friends, I'm starting to realize that the time will come when I'll have to leave the friends that I'm making here, and that I'll feel the same way about leaving them that I did about leaving my Oregon friends...but that's a worry for another day!

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Alex Elliot said...

We had a wonderful time with you and your kiddo. Personally I think sweats and jeans should be the official uniform for fondue eating!