Sunday, January 20, 2008

You'll be Wicked Sorry!

While the adjustment has been really hard, made even harder by the fact that all my family and friends are across the country, I am discovering that I really like living in New England.

I went to our local Tex-Mex restaurant which is also a biker-type bar (non-smoking). I was picking up take-out for J and I during the first hour of the Patriots game, which ultimately made NFL history as they had an undefeated season. I walked in with my preggo belly sticking out, and noted that the restaurant part was completely empty and made my way to the back, following the sounds of cheering and jeering as Hansel and Gretel followed bread crumbs.

I stood next to a man in a (not kidding) blue-collared shirt, at this very blue collar bar, and he turned to me stating with disgust "Theah naht winnin' yeaht." And it hit me; one of the main things I love about this area is the accent. Everywhere you go, it's as I imagine it would be in the UK or Australia...the language itself is the same, but you still sometimes find yourself asking people to repeat themselves. Even the words used for common things are different, but it's great.

My whole life, I've lived in an accent-less state "Hi, I'm from Orygun." Boooooooooooooooring! Here it's even fun to listen to parents yell at their kids in the grocery store, because you're sure to hear a cah or a wicked thrown in here or there. "You bettah get out to the cah or youah gonna be wicked sahry." sweet

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Unknown said...

Of course you started liking it here -- we're *wicked* cool.