Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Touch of Pink...

As hoped, I finished a pair of SKYP (slip, knit, yarn over, pass slipped stitch over both knitted and YO) socks. It was the first time I've attempted a patterned leg (other than ribbing) and it was so simple, but makes them that much more finished in appearance. Now, I'm just wondering what pattern to do next. I've found a few I really like, so some people may be finding socks in their stockings this Christmas!

Two nights ago, I sat down and wound one of my two skeins of Pepperberry cashmere into a ball so that I could cast on the band for the Josie Newsboy. Wow, this is shaping up to be a super quick project. I finished the band in less than an hour and then took a break for two days of wine-soaked loveliness while my sisters-in-law came to town so we could go wine tasting.

As I have the goal of finishing it before heading East on Tuesday, I had to get cracking so I picked up the stitches for the hat section from the brim (which eliminates seaming, hallelujah!) this afternoon while I watched the dvr'd Oprah special of the Sound of Music cast reunion/interview and the boys got some of their crazies out in the back yard.

We're back from trick-or-treating and I've settled in to (hopefully) hand out the rest of our candy and work on the hat while I watch some mindless TV. Or Sex and the City 2, again, some more, since I obviously bought it stat. I read a review of it, and loved that they were just honest. It's kind of a hot mess, but it gives you a chance to reunite with the girls. What more do we want? Not much. 

I love knitting with this yarn! It's 100% cashmere, and hand spun in Idaho. Northwest represent.


Crafty Mama said...

My favorite scene in SATC 2 is when Charlotte and Miranda are sitting in the bar in the hotel in Dubai talking about motherhood.....what mom wasn't nodding her head in unison at that exchange!

p.s. gorgeous socks, by the way. I've got my eye on a basic pattern and will try them after the new year.

Sally HP said...

I completely agree about the mama scene! Love how all was prefaced with 'I love my girls' :) They really recognize where their audience is, and where we want to see them.

Mommy to Tyler & Kendall said...

yum! That yarn is SO PRETTY!