Friday, October 24, 2008

Save The Children

Today, I received my email from The LionBrand Notebook which containted an article about the Knit One, Save One initiative. Partnering up with Save the Children (as part of their Survive to 5 campaign), Warm Up! America and celebs like Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow and Rebecca Romijn (fellow yarn-crafters) they are accepting donations of knitted or crocheted caps to be sent to babies born in developing nations. Sweet, right?

I'll be donating several in soft, washable yarn (the only requirement). If you'd like to join me, you can send your donations until December 31st. All instructions are included in the Action Kit download (patterns, tags for your donation, everything.)

With the warm fuzzy PC stuff taken care of, I have a confession. I couldn't stop looking at the picture of the hat displayed (placed in this post for your viewing pleasure). It's a little early here, and I didn't sleep great last night, but really? Being born underweight, malnourished and in a developing nation isn't enough? You're going to put this hat on the poor kid's head? I wasn't shocked when my cursor rolled over the hat to display the tag "Patricia Arquette's hat". Hello, Mommies of Hollywood (and the entertainment industry), you may be able to name your children Dweezle and put a crazy stringy hat on their heads, but it may be a bit much for little Lupito in (let's just say) Guatemala. Luckily, they give pattern ideas in the Action Kit.


Crafty Mama said...

Yeah, that hat's a little crazy. What a nice program though!

I just found out one of my residents crochets baby hats for the local hospital around the corner. She makes them out of that soft washable yarn by the dozen and brings them over once a month for all of the new babies coming into the world. Sweet!

That Girl said...

Crazy! I just did the exact same thing this morning and was going to blog about it. I'll be knitting my hats right along with you. BTW -- did you see the pattern for the hooded baby blanket? So cute!

Alex Elliot said...

You mean you're not going to make a hat like that for yourself?