Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sock It To Me!

Last month, tired of knitting solo, I decided I'd find a group of like-minded folks with whom to hang. Enter and Greater Worcester Area Hook and Needlers (notice it's not Needle and Hookers), and have since met with them twice, and it's so much fun!

When I went to my first 'meet-up' (sounds a little risque, huh?) I spotted what I thought was my group and my stomach dropped. It was exactly what I was hoping the group wouldn't be...old ladies knitting doilies with acrylic. Since I was already there and had been spotted, I swallowed my snobbery and introduced myself only to be barely acknowledged. Sweet. 'I've been rejected by someone I wasn't even interested in.'*

It wasn't until about twenty minutes of awkward silence later that they asked how I'd found out about them, and I realized I was with the wrong group! Seriously, what are the odds that there would be two groups of about thirteen knitters at one Barnes and Noble? When I walked to the back, I found a group of mostly young, hip and "happy hookers" working on fun projects and engaging in laid-back conversation. Internal sigh of relief; now this is worth getting a baby-sitter for.

Yes, I realize it's totally dorky to be excited about knitting. In public. Laugh it up, Chuckles. Pretty soon I'll have a whole wardrobe of homemade socks. Again, I refer to Napoleon Dynamite; "Luuucky."

*Stanford to Charlotte at the 'Real People' fashion show.


Crafty Mama said...

Not dorky at all...that's how I feel about cross-stitching. :) Have you read The Friday Night Knitting Club? If you like to knit, you might like it!

p.s. I loooove meetup! I belong to a playgroup on there and I used to do a spanish language meetup too.

Alex Elliot said...

Maybe one of these days I'll check it out with you. The last thing I need in my house right now is a dozen abandoned knitting projects!