Saturday, January 3, 2009

Match Point

Because I am instant gratification girl, I've been on the kick of knitting socks. I made my first pair in October and then in December I knit four pair, one that I mostly knit on the drive from Eastern Oregon to Portland. I picked the second sock up to finish it two nights ago and measured it against its mate in order to determine the point at which I should start decreasing. Measuring tape, Schmeasuring tape I say.* I was surprised to find that it was already time to start my little k2 together, then k1, sl1, k1, psso (What, Milly?!...Oh, you don't like it when others speak a language you don't understand in your presence? Pobre cita!)

I got the second sock completely done; perfectly grafted for a seamless toe, ends woven in, put a fork in it, it was d.o.n.e.

Oh, wait...

Since the intended recipient does not have a hobbit foot paired with a giant foot, I guess I'll be buying another skein to make a mate for each. I made a valiant effort to put both on my feet, and while the smaller sock stretched to fit, it would make a pretty lame gift. A former practitioner in the church of 'good enough'. I've learned that it's sometimes just not, well, good enough. (This is also the reason I'll be frogging the yoke portion of the sweater I'd started after I learned to do a provisional cast-on and make a seamless back.) Becoming faster at knitting has opened my world to the possibilities, and it's also made me a little more fastidious about the appearance of my finished product.

*Note to self: You have a tape measure within arm's reach for a reason.

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