Sunday, August 17, 2008

Geek Love

What do you get when you mix four sisters, one fifteen year-old niece a crazy mother and one wedding looming large? Blog fodder, that's what.

Well, it's Sunday which means that it's the day after the wedding. (collective sigh) Over the last week with my family my sister's and I were continually commenting on how long it's been since we were in that know, the one where someone ends up crying, leaving, resulting in Marvin throwing up his hands and commenting "Why can't you girls just get along?!"

Hmmm...maybe because it's been five years since the last Edvalson girl got married. J's family has successively married off the siblings one per year for the last three drama. My family has one little wedding and...

I think it didn't help that I'm only ten weeks post-partum, but today I just snapped and ended up with H and C in the double stroller, pushing them around the hot Iowa afternoon vowing to not stop until I either dropped of heat exhaustion or H fell asleep. Let me just tell you that it's really hard to maintain your dignity when you're returning to a porch-ful of people who've already 'moved beyond it' when you're dripping in sweat and bright read.

We all just needed to go to our proverbial corners before coming back together and regrouping for the ride to the airport where Sherri and I would say good-bye to everyone else before heading back to IC for my final night.

Unfortunately, the looming departure of family always makes us all extra tense, increasing the chances that someone will do something to make someone else cry, no matter how innocuous.

Note to self: The best, most productive, way to ease your future husband (who was raised virtually as an only child) is most likely not bringing the Edvalson family circus to town and letting them perform in your home. Especially when our personal space threshold is exponentially higher than most peoples'.

There's nothing like a slice of tension spiced up with a little dash of awkward to make everyone feel right at home.

**10 points to you if you got my nod to the novel Geek Love, which is about a circus family in which the parents did 'experiments' with each pregnancy to see which deformity would result...

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