Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Batik Mystique and Hippie-chic

Last night, I started making a list of things to pack for my trip to see my sister in Iowa...about 400 burp cloths, clothes for both boys sufficient for a few days, (but not too much since I'll have laundry facilities) car seats, pack-n-play, foam sleep positioner for C...and the list was growing.

I started making a mental list of potential outfits I have for the various functions as the real reason for travel, other than quality sister time and someone to watch Sex and the City with, is Sherri's wedding. There are several outfits that were immediately vetoed as I'm not sure that muffin top is even a sufficient word...maybe a bundt cake?

It was then that I realized I hadn't yet made the second shirt from the pattern I've already displayed. I had planned to wear that shirt with a pair of black slacks, gold shoes and a bronz-ish clutch for my sister's shower. Think urban-chic metallic, not ghetto-fabulous.

No time like the present thought I at 10pm. Out came the trusty pins and scissors as I laid out the fabric and began arranging the pattern pieces. It was a much speedier process this time, as I'd already made all the mistakes...and remembered what they were.

Before long I was sewing the body of the shirt together and creating the ruffled neckline, and two hours had passed. I moved about an inch and realized that my back was cemented into place, so decided I'd call it a night and finish in the I'm going to be gone for two weeks (without J), so there are certain 'business items' to attend to. TMI?

This morning, I was finishing the shirt and realized that batik is quite possibly the perfect mom-of-new-baby-fabric...I would challenge anyone to find a spit-up stain on this one.

It looks like after all those years of mocking hippies, I'm finding they had it right all along. I now own several slings (yep, I'm a 'marsupial mom'), make clothes out of batik fabric and proudly wear clogs and Birkenstocks. Lest ye begin to panic, you can be certain about one thing; I will never wear patchouli or a broomstick skirt.

I'll be posting about my first solo flight with both kids...I'm sure hillarity will ensue.

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Crafty Mama said...

Bundt cake....heehee. :) Where do you find these fabulous fabrics that you use in your shirts? I've looked around and haven't seen anything I've liked. (you can email me at if you like)

Good luck on the solo flight!! Have a nice trip.