Monday, April 6, 2009

Concrete Thinking

I am a happier person when I feel fit. I am a happier person when I feel fit. Feeling fit feels better than Ice Cream tastes. Feeling fit feels better than Ice Cream tastes...and I just keep chanting these mantras to myself as my 'funky fresh fitness mix' with cool jams such as California Love, Born to Run and Push It provide the bass line to make my feet keep going forward.

I never liked running on a treadmill in my former life of living in a small town with a plethora of country roads, but here I will embrace it. In all fairness, they've come a long way from the shin-splinting monstrosities of our local gym growing up; shock absorption, automated personal trainers, iPod docks, heart-rate monitors, individual TV consoles, earphone jacks and pre-programmed fitness tests including 5 and 10k training runs and those for the military and other federal agencies...whew!

Yesterday I did a "hills" workout and today I did the cardio/respiratory component of the PEB Federal Law Enforcement test. When I was done with my run, I got the number that was my score and walked away realizing I had no idea what the number meant. After stretching, showering and taking H to his swimming lesson I headed to my trusty google site and found that my number was quite sad.

I knew while I was bending over my flacid post-preggo belly to stretch my hamstrings that it wouldn't be an all-star athlete score, (I was given a good dose of reality when I was feeling quite good that the guy next to me, granted he was about three inches taller, and I were matching each others' pace...then I realized he was going almost 3 mph faster than me) and I told myself that whatever it was at least I'd know where I was starting.

You have to have a baseline, and mine my friends, is certainly a base number. My sad little goal for my first 5k in about two years* is to just complete it in less than 45 minutes without stopping to walk...yes, I'm aware that's a 15 minute mile average...there's never been a better time to hit the ground running!

*I signed up for a 5K on May 17th...I'm sure hillarity will ensue.


Maggie Bahnson said...

You will do awesome in your 5K. You will feel so good and so proud of yourself...that's really all that matters. But I hate to disagree with you on cream still tastes way better to me than feeling fit. Sorry, that probably doesn't help!

Sally HP said...

Maggie, I couldn't agree more. I choose ice cream over anything...which is why I'm in the place I am. A little white lie to yourself never hurt anyone ;)

Alex Elliot said...

You are going to do great! Who cares how long is takes. That being said, I think you'll surprise yourself with how quickly you finish. Is it wrong that I now am picturing Cold Stone Creamery in my mind?