Thursday, April 30, 2009

What're You Having For Dinner?

Tonight, J posed this question to me. My response? "Um, I'm having dessert." Yes, we had our New Member Dessert for my mother's group so I skipped eating a nutritious dinner and headed straight for the strawberry trifle, cannoli and home-made Oreo Truffles. The white wine was 'Mommy's Time Out" and the red was "Bitch"....guess which I chose to imbibe?

I think I better work extra hard at the Y tomorrow.

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Unknown said...

Hey!! Sounds like my kind of night! Which Mom Group do you belong to? I would love to join, although I am already so busy, but I always love meeting more Moms,a nd having fun together!!!! :) I hope we can hike one of these days!! :)LISA