Monday, April 13, 2009

Put it Away For a Rainy Day

Never have I been a good saver. My sister, she's a saver. She's also the only sister of the four of us that's been to Europe, or Mexico, or went to school out of state. Or, or, or. Since marrying J, I've been forced to seriously re-evaluate my spending habits. If I had a 20, in my head that was not the beginnings of a ticket to Hawaii, or a trip to Europe; it was one week's worth of coffee.

Now that I don't make the dough in the family, I've learned better how to save it. It's amazing what happens when you no longer adopt the attitude of "I make the money, I can spend it however I want!"

When Sherri had baby A, I was really hit with the realization that I had no idea when I'd get to meet her...that's never happened in our family. We are a tight-knit group who sits in the labor and delivery room to wait out every wince and holler.

The family reunion for my mom's side is being hosted at my mom's house this year, and Sherri is attending that, but I can't. Plus, who wants to spend their dirty thirty at a family reunion? I spent my 21st visiting J and his parent's house while we were dating over summer break from college...I didn't have a single drink...I plan to make up for lost time at my 30th.

J has two weeks in June off, so I seized the opportunity to plan a trip to visit Sherri and Baby A. Oh, and her husband too, of course. I'm almost giddy with the thought of having three to four days without my children, or I guess I should say without children who can understand what we're watching; now it's SATC 24/7 for us! I'll be having my first pedicure in over 9 months...I've never gone 9 months without a pedicure, and lots of quiet, dinners all. by. my. self. Well, with Sherri, but still, I'll get to eat my entire meal every night and I'll get to drink every cup of coffee in the morning while it's still hot. The first time.

What's funding this little adventure you ask? Why Craigslist, of course! Between the commissioned knitting projects and the baby items I no longer need, I'll have ticket in hand by the end of the month.

Land of Corn, here I come!

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Sherri said...

I am beyond excited! Can it really be true????
Can't wait!