Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Writing Out Loud

Today I was in the changing stall at the Y and noticed someone's head above the divider...okay, odd, since they're over 7 feet tall. Then I realized she was writing on the tag of the shower underlining something. Hmmm, the plot thickens. When she left, I saw that she'd underlined several times the word "exclusively" which immediately followed the phrase "Made in China".

So, because I like to dwell on the odd and sort of passive-aggressive actions of others, I've come up with several options for this nameless woman that would have been more constructive, as I'm guessing she was not happy that the Y uses vinyl shower curtains made in China to act as 'partition from rest of locker room users'.

1. Talk to the facilities manager about your displeasure.

2. As you know that they Y is on a tight budget, offer to contact manufacturers of US made shower curtains for a donation.

3. BUY them yourself, donate them to the Y and use it as a write-off on your taxes.

These are three good options...all probably more effective than using Sharpie marker which is, maybe not coincidentally, made in the U.S. (did you know that Sharpie was founded in Worcester before being relocated to Chicago in 1866 due to expansion?!) to underline the word 'exclusively' which, quite frankly, I'd not ever have noticed due to the position of the tag and the curtain had she not been doing it while trespassing my space.

Maybe her point in doing this was not that she wanted them to have been made here, or in a country other than China, but that is the conclusion I've come to after being treated with the shock of looking up from the privacy of a changing stall to someone's eyes peering over as they make their political statement at the cost of my ability to privately apply lotion to my generously sized thighs and calves.

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Crafty Mama said...

That's so weird, it leaves me without anything witty to say!

know what else originated here in Worcester? The diner car, and the smiley face!