Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spitting Image

As H gets older and his nose turns from the baby button to the nose he will have as a man, I'm realizing how much he looks like my husband. He's always had the same hair and hairline, but my eyes and mouth set him apart just enough so that he still looks like me.

Now, however, when I see them sitting together watching something or playing trains together, I can't get over how much mannerisms contribute to people looking alike.

Speaking of spitting, I don't know what posessed H to take a gulp out of my Sigg today and then spew it out all over Charlie's high chair tray. Whatever it was, it was a fast-tracket ticket to his bedroom! Definitely more like his dad, right? I would never have done something so impulsive or poking my parents' waterbed with an exacto knife over and over and over again.

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LuLu said...

The question is whether he'll inherit the family "grin" or should I say grimace. J is the only one of us kids who inherited it.