Sunday, November 30, 2008


I just bought my first official skein of 'nice' yarn. While I've purchased from KnitPicks and love their affordability, I wanted the project for Sherri's impending baby A to go one step further. I was contributing to the message board for the Lion KAL on Ravelry and one thing led to another...pretty soon, I was ogling this yarn on NoTwoSnowflakes' Esty shop, hand-dyed a luscious pink, described as being "reminiscent of tiny, soft baby lips or petals, this squooshy superwash is the best bootie yarn!" I was s.o.l.d.

I see a Superwash Merino Layette in your future, Baby Girl! (What can I say, I've been itching to knit for a little girl!)

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Crafty Mama said...

It's funny...when you have boys and you need to make/get a present for a girl, it's SO exciting!!! Love the pink. I am going to start my second scarf very soon, and I bought fabric today to make a Lightning McQueen pillow for Will's new big boy bed!