Monday, November 24, 2008

I Spy, With My Little Eye...

A Hypocrite! You may remember back in April when I wrote this post about the commercialism surrounding Earth Day, along with the perceived inability by me, the girl on a budget, to 'go green'.

Fast forward 5 months and there I was, on clicking away to get my starter packs of gDiapers. I ordered three kits in order to have 6 of the pants, and my best friend kindly offered to pass two more on to me. This was even after she'd read my post...yes, she's a very good friend! I had to chuckle when I opened the package and noted that one of the pants she sent was the very one I'd bagged on. Yep, the "I Love the Earth" gDiaper.

While I'm known to be incredibly outspoken, I'm also able to take big bites of my slice of humble pie. After several months of using both the g flushable inserts and stuffing the bad boys with cotton pre-folds, I am sold. While I know that were I working outside the home, I may never have ventured to use cloth or a disposable alternative (why? sheer laziness, fear of laundering them, etc) I am so happy I did.

I have saved so much money by using the cloth diapers inside the g pants and it has allowed me to put my money toward other eco-friendly things that I may not otherwise have justified. Likewise, using vinegar and baking soda as supplement to my eco-friendly line of cleaners has allowed those to stretch further so I'm not feeling the pinch.

J and I walked in the house the other day after I'd cleaned the counters, floors and bathrooms with nothing more than Earth Friendly Orange Plus and we looked at each other, inhaling a big lungful, noting that the house smelled, well, clean. I can usually tell when I've scrubbed the bathroom for days with the tell-tale harsh chemical smells, but this just smelled not-like-a-diaper-pail.

On that note, my fears of the cloth diaper pail stinking have been allayed, and I don't even have a good system yet. The bucket in the bathroom that houses the disposables used on H and C at night smells exponentially worse, and I think it's because I use a dry bucket and do laundry every other, if not every, day eliminating a funk from developing. I'm so sold on cloth diapering that I am considering the BumGenius 3.0 for the days I use only cloth, saving the g's for the days I use their flushable inserts (or not at all?). The up-front investment on the g's has already been paid back by using cloth inserts sometimes, so I can only imagine what using cloth all the time would do for the ole pocketbook.

I'll still love my Clorox anywhere bleach spray, but other than that, I feel like each day I'm heading over to the dark side. Dark Green that is.

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