Thursday, November 20, 2008

Home(made) For the Holidays

Today, my Lion Notebook email had the following content: "What is a positive action you can take in a climate where so much is negative? When you become part of a movement that supports making and giving handmade gifts you support activities that are frugal, sustainable, heartfelt, down-to-earth and meaningful. Make a pledge to give and request handmade gifts for the holiday season."
My sisters and I had already promised each other that we'd be having a Homemade Christmas, so this was an easy pledge to take.

If you're not crafty, you can still committ to this effort by buying handmade gifts from sites such as Etsy (where I'm starting a store under SallyHP!), which is basically a huge online craft fair with both ready-to-order and made-to-order items of all crafting varieties. I am very excited to see that something positive to come from the economic downturn could be that people are taking more time to pick gifts that are meaningful and personal. (Note that I didn't advocate the nixing of are definitely one of my love languages.)

If you want a fun bag or nice fabric, you can shop at Karlee's Kreations , beautiful fabric, quilts, funky hair ties and more can be found at Heather Bailey's Store. For the knitter in your life, you could purchase patterns for original Lisa Shobhana Mason designs (hint, hint).

More than anything, something homemade challenges us to spend time thinking about what we're giving. Hopefully it will turn out as planned, but like last year's quilt debacle, there will be bumps in the road.

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Susan Lindgren said...

I am always Green-eyed over people who can craft that well. I knot scarves, that is it:)