Wednesday, November 5, 2008

(Pumpkin) Patch It Together

Spring the shopping list!

J's current schedule this month has him working all night and sleeping all day, leaving about an hour that we can spend together. Tonight when he got up, I realized I hadn't really planned anything for dinner, what with the multi-hour trip to the park and the second losing of the book (I swear, that thing is going to be the death of me....don't worry, I found it under the seat in my car where it had fallen out of the diaper bag on the way to said park.) Following a night of very little sleep with a morning of a three year-old who doesn't care about lack of sleep made meal-planning very low on my list of priorities
I remembered that I'd printed off the recipe for Maple-Pumpkin Pancakes from my friend Portlandia's blog Late Night Kitchen. A-ha! Breakfast for dinner it is. They turned out to be really tasty, because the oatmeal in the batter really makes for a great texture, while they aren't too sweet or cloying like some pumpkin dishes can be (too much allspice or something?)
I liked that the batter didn't have any sugar...3 T of Maple Syrup, of course, but no white sugar. I did cheat and used quick oats instead of Old-Fashioned. In my defense, I started them at 5 and J had to leave for work at 5:30, so the whole soaking the oats for 30 minutes wouldn't have worked in this case. Other than that, these can't be more simple and probably the best pumpkin pancakes I've tried. I love Fall flavors, so have looked for a good great pumpkin recipe and this is it!
These are definitely hearty and dense, so three was plenty (and I can eat pancakes). The recipe made enough that I was able to freeze some for later.

Mmmm. Warm, pumpkin goodness in just about 10 minutes. H even ate two of them, and he's the king of picky lately.

As I was looking at Late Night Kitchen just now, I realized that I completely missed the post about Chocolate-Covered Bacon...hold the phone, I could have had that bacon with, wait, that would have been way too much. There will be no Homer Simpson bacon-wrapped sausage dinners, but I will be trying that bacon recipe as a fun party food...maybe Thanksgiving since we're entertaining only one other family?


Kimberly @ said...

Ohmigosh that looks amazing. I have some canned pumpkin left from my pumpkin breadmaker bread experiments, so maybe I'll can make pancakes with it!

Crafty Mama said...

Will and I are going to be home Sunday night while Daddy goes to a hockey game for his birthday. I think I know what we're having for dinner!! I'm daring enough to try chocolate and bacon together too. (but not in the same dinner)

LuLu said...

There must be something going around about Bacon and Chocolate together. Someone at work brought brownies with bacon to work, basically make the brownie batter and then lay strips of bacon over the top and bake. Only two people would even eat them, and that is saying a lot at my work. Anything edible is usually gone in 10 minutes.