Friday, November 21, 2008

Get Sprung!

My High School cheerleading squad was so cool, we were going to dance to Baby Got Back at the Homecoming Pep Rally my Freshman year, of course changing the word prostitute to 'Watermelon' because prostitute just wouldn't be appropriate coming from a bunch of innocent Eastern Oregon girls.

Well, aparrently the mothers, like they will, had to ruin it all. One mom got ahold of the lyrics and it was soon the hotline of mom-dom, with a recitation of the implications of 'wanna pull up the gun' and we were left scrambling to dance to something a little more 'age-appropriate.' But I digress...

I am currently part of the beta testing group for a new organizational site called SpringPad. It has everything from a spot to save recipes that you like (including a way to pull them from a website by entering the URL), to creating a packing list for your next trip.

Instead of having 5 million sticky notes all over, you can have a central location for all of your wants, needs and ideas, printing only those that you need to take with you at the time.

While it is currently in the testing phase, I'll be using it in some of my posts, particularly those with recipes, so that shopping lists and meal plans can be created from one list.

There is so much to learn about this site, so I'll be posting more information as I become better versed with the functions. For now, when you see something like this Spring the shopping list! you can click on it, and the recipe or supply list for the food or craft I just posted about will be made available to you. It will not only save me time in typing (because I'm lazy) but it will remove some of the tedium from reading the blog for people who don't really care how I made my socks, or what I made them from...not that there's anybody out there who fits that description. Please feel free to leave comments on how the links work for you, as any feedback they get can only make it a better, more user friendly service.

What can I say? You say sprung, and my product-of-the-90's brain answers 'Sir MixALot!'


Crafty Mama said...

Oh it's stuck in my head!

"I like BIG BUTTs and I cannot other brothers can't deny....."

LuLu said...

I was watching VH1's Greatest Songs of the 90s last night. So awesome. And I am pretty sure that Baby Got Back was one of those songs. They even had Bel Biv Devoe. Did I mention it was awesome? If I had more wine I might have danced to some of them. :-)