Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gauging a Reaction

When I first started knitting, making scarf after scarf, I always skipped the gauge swatch section. It was time consuming enough just getting the stitches from needle to needle and seemed like a terrible waste to knit a bunch of rows that wouldn't even contribute to the end result! (Spoken by the girl who doesn't believe in basting either).

Even when I ventured forth to baby much difference would it really make, I argued with myself before surging forward; resulting once in a super cute sweater vest that wouldn't fit over H's toddler melon.

So, while I'm waiting for the right color of Wool-Ease to arrive from, I decided that it would be a good use of nervous energy to make my very first gauge swatch. I was pretty pleased with myself to see that I was spot on...with needles one size larger. I always thought I knit pretty loosely, but I guess not. Good to know. Can you imagine the tantrum that would result from finishing that knit-along only to find that the yolk I started too small would subsequently effect the rest of the entire sweater...and then not fit over my melon?

Oh, and time 'wasted'? About fifteen minutes. Now, I'm off to practice the cable pattern so I can begin in earnest when the real deal arrives.

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Portlandia said...

I am so lazy I NEVER knit a guage swatch, even though I have been burned!! Glad to know it only 'wasted' 15 minutes! I only get about 15 minutes a week to knit these days, so will use it wisely.